DJ Koh: Samsung’s Folding Phone Will Debut In November

DJ Koh: Samsung’s Folding Phone Will Debut In November
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Samsung’s mobile division chief DJ Koh likes dropping bombshells. Last month, he casually revealed the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ahead of its official launch. Last night, during an interview with CNBC, he made some huge revelations about the fabled Samsung Galaxy X smartphone.

Apparently, the model will be available much sooner than previously thought with a launch event tentatively scheduled for early November. In the words of Koh: “It’s time to deliver.”

For those who missed the memo, the Samsung Galaxy X (name subject to change) is a smartphone with a difference. According to the latest specification leaks, it will come equipped with three OLED screens.

Two of these screens combine seamlessly into a single seven-inch display when unfolded. The third screen is located on the opposite side and allows you to access certain functions when the phone is folded. While these details have not been confirmed officially, Koh said that most of the phone’s uses will be available in “foldable status”.

In the aforementioned interview, Koh confirmed that the phone would probably be unveiled at this year’s Samsung Developer Conference which is set to take place on November 7. Typically, Samsung starts shipping its phones a couple of weeks after the launch event which means we could see the device in shops by mid November.

On the other hand, the Galaxy X – or whatever the company ends up calling it – is kind of a big deal. We therefore wouldn’t be surprised if consumers have a longer wait on their hands following the official reveal. Either way, a 2018 release date now seems likely.

While Koh didn’t go into specifics about the device, he did boast that it would wow consumers and that anyone who uses the device will immediately understand why Samsung made it. He also hinted that the ‘unfolded’ mode will provide benefits that go beyond having a tablet-sized screen, but didn’t elaborate on what these benefits might be.

We have no idea about pricing at present. It’s safe to assume that Samsung will be charging a hefty premium for the Galaxy X, especially if it’s the first folding phone to hit the market. Hopefully everything will be revealed come November.

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