I’m Hayley Williams, Lifehacker Australia’s New Deputy Editor!

I’m Hayley Williams, Lifehacker Australia’s New Deputy Editor!

Hey! Remember me? I’ve been around at Lifehacker and its sister sites Gizmodo and Kotaku for a few years now, but as of this week will be stepping into the intimidatingly Jackson Ryan-shaped hole that is Lifehacker’s Deputy Editor position! You’ve probably seen my work around already, but here’s a little introduction for the uninitiated.

I started with the Allure network in 2015 as the Editorial Assistant across Lifehacker, Gizmodo and Kotaku, around the time when Chris Jager took over editorship of the site – in fact, my first ever published article was for Lifehacker on two of my favourite things, food and sleep:

Five Bedtime Snacks That Will Make You Sleep Like A Baby

There are some foods that you should try to avoid before bedtime. anything high in sodium or saturated fats are obvious examples. But what about snacks that actively encourage a good, restful sleep? Here are five hand-picked examples recommended by science.

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Over the years I’ve written about everything from online dating to renewable energy to etymology, and I’m always expanding my boundaries. I’ve used my former experience at a fine wine retailer to write Lifehacker’s ultimate wine guide:

Winehacker: The Complete Guide To Buying Wine In Australia

Over the past month, Lifehacker's resident fine wine expert/goon guzzler has divulged everything you need to know about Australia's fastest growing tipple. For those who missed the five-part series, we've bottled them all in one place. Bottoms up!

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I’ve put my tastebuds on the line for everything from sugar-clogged $12 milkshakes to super hot chilli sauce to my first ever Big Mac.

One of my favourite projects on Lifehacker was These Are Your Numbers, a series about the lesser-known but highly influential figures in the history of computer science and technology.

The Enchantress Of Numbers: Ada Lovelace

It may surprise you to know that the world's first computer programmer did not actually own a computer. In fact, she lived and died almost a century before the first computer was even built. The first person to write a computer program was none other than Ada, Countess of Lovelace, a remarkable mathematician and writer who also happened to be the only legitimate child of the poet Lord Byron.

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Outside of work I spend most of my time and money on cosplay, which you can catch on my

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