NBN Is Handing Out $25 Refunds For Shoddy Service

NBN Is Handing Out $25 Refunds For Shoddy Service
Image: NBNCo

Following from the ACCC’s Service Standards Inquiry, NBNCo has agreed, voluntarily, to offer a $25 rebate whenever they miss an appointment. And there’s no need to go through a lengthy or painful claim process as the process should be automatic.

It’s important to understand that the payment won’t be made to consumers directly by NBNCo. It will be sent to your Retail Service Provider (RSP) as that company is who you are actually dealing with when you provision an NBN service.

The ACCC Chair Rod Sims said: “The undertaking will improve the rebates that NBN Co pays to RSPs for not meeting its service level timeframes for connections, fixing faults and meeting scheduled appointments”.

In a statement, NBNCo said the automatic payment of the $25 rebate for missed activation and fault repair timeframes will me made to its wholesale customers in 100 per cent of instances (up from our current 90 per cent threshold) and that retail service providers will take reasonable steps to ensure that affected homes and businesses receive (in monetary or other form) a fair value benefit of these rebates.

The rebate scheme isn’t new but it has been expanded. The changes to the rebate scheme means:

  • NBN Co will pay a $25 rebate to RSPs for every late connection and fault rectification
  • NBN Co will introduce a new $25 rebate to RSPs for each missed appointment
  • NBN Co will simplify the process for RSPs to receive rebates and remove some conditions for claiming rebates

There’s also been an undertaking to improve how NBNCo reports these issues to RSPs so there’s greater transparency in the process.

Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) CEO, Teresa Corbin, said “We have long advocated for reform of existing customer service guarantees for connection times, fault repairs and network reliability. We know that these issues have been a big pain point for consumers”.

With missed appointments and botched installations being, in some people’s opinions, a major issue with the rollout of the NBN, this puts greater focus on ensuring customer needs are met and that there’s a penalty in place should something not go to plan.

In order to get your hands on the $25, you shouldn’t have to do anything. But I’d suggest keeping records of when appointments were promised, when they actually occurred and reminding your RSP about the penalty so you can actually get a discount on your next bill or an upgraded service.


  • Err, check with your RSP.

    Just because NBN gives TPG or Dodo $25.00, doesn’t mean they owe you $25.00 – nor does it mean – when the ACCC compels RSP’s to hand this on – that your cheap and cheerful RSP won’t introduce an intentionally convoluted process that ensures you spend 3 hours on the phone and getting forms certified by a justice of the peace to get $25.00 credit applied to your next invoice (and if there’s wiggle room in the ruling – it’ll end up being a $20.00 credit due to a $5.00 ‘processing fee’).

    Now, if we could just get the same legislation passed every time Australia Post left a “sorry we missed you” card when you were home; we’d be in a better place.

  • Since they also block appointment times to half days… thats like 5 bucks an hour. Big spenders for having cost you half a day, so you can waste another half a day later when they finally show up.

  • for too long nbnco (or their subsubsubsub-contractors) have got away with shoddy appointment keeping. this should help consumers put pressure on RSPs, and hence nbnco, to actually give a shit about appointments.

    • I don’t think NBNCo or any RSP is going to suffer too much writing off $25 losses… hell its such a small amount that cancelling an appointment may still save money somewhere for not having staff running into overtime or other costs due to trying to pushing appointments and rushing other jobs to keep time producing more shoddy work.

      • Based on the most recent progress report, there are a little over 1.2 million properties that aren’t yet connected to the NBN and they are adding about 60,000 hrportties per week. Multiply those by $25 and while it’s not a massive impact on NBNCo’s budget, it’s a big enough number to be politically damaging. It may not be a lot of money in NBNCo terms but it’s enough to garner headlines if they pay it out a lot.

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