How To Make Your Bed In 5 Minutes

Video: Nothing says, “My life is totally together” like a perfectly made bed. In fact, we’ve been told time and time again how making your bed is the key to success. But if you find the act of making your bed takes too long, we’ve assembled the fastest methods for each piece of the bed-making process.

  • Put on pillowcases by turning them inside-out and holding the corners.
  • The corner of the fitted sheet with the tag always goes on the bottom left corner of the bed. (The left side, that is, when you’re in the bed.)
  • Lay your top sheet pattern-side down so the pattern will be facing up when you fold the sheets down.
  • Put on your doona cover using the “burrito method”.

These time-saving tricks will get your bed looking hotel-worthy, and leave you enough time to get those recommended 8.5 hours every night.


    Sorry, but the burrito method is absolute rubbish...

    Having to walk around your bed 10 or more times just to roll up the burrito in the first place takes far too much time and too much ennergy.

    The taco method (AKA "Stand 'n' Stuff") is 100 time superior.

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