How To Fix Your Twitter Feed

How To Fix Your Twitter Feed
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Are you sick of your Twitter feed filling up with ‘In Case You Missed It’ interruptions, or unfunny tweets from people you straight up don’t follow? There’s a way to see nothing but the tweets from people you actually follow – and you can do it right in your vanilla Twitter browser.

The secret to this Twitter improvement lies in a native Twitter tool you may or may not already use: Lists. It turns out List feeds are immune to the algorithmic chaos that is supposed to make your regular feed better (but never actually comes through on that promise).

So if you want an unadulterated feed, you can add everyone you follow to a single List. Granted, if you follow a lot of people this is a potentially time consuming, as Twitter only lets you add members to Lists by visiting their profiles. But depending on how annoyed you get by social media algorithms, it may just be worth it.

To add someone to a list, go to their profile, click on the three dots on the right hand side of the screen, or upper right on mobile, and select ‘add to list’. Then, rinse and repeat.

Do you have a better way of viewing a clean, unadulterated Twitter feed? Let us know in the comments!


  • One caution, last time I tried this (admittedly a few years ago) the person you’re moving to a List gets notified you’ve done that. So if you create a List called “Useless mofo’s” and add someone to it then they may get upset. Probably worth checking if it still behaves that way.
    Or move to a Mastodon instance.

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