Foxtel Go Just Got A Big New Update

Image: HBO

Better late than never, Foxtel has upgraded its Foxtel Go app with some features we've been waiting for for a while - albeit with a few big caveats. Jump in here for all the details on the upgraded app.

Not to be confused with the standalone Foxtel Now streaming service, Foxtel Go is the app for those with a full Foxtel streaming subscription, which can be used to watch their content on mobile devices. The recent update features both a new look and added support for HD streaming, Chromecast and Airplay.

Unfortunately the added support for casting is only available for Multiroom subscribers: a package add-on that is anywhere from $15 to $25 extra per month.

Rest assured, single-screen customers: you still get HD content at least.

Recent reviews of the app on Google Play suggest some customers are having difficulty with the app freezing or refusing to connect since the update. Comments from Foxtel support say that "some devices are unable to access the HD streams," though hopefully this issue will be fixed sooner rather than later.


    Does it actually work? Does the HD stream actually look like HD quality? Last time I tried Foxtel Go on my computer it looked like a 360p Youtube video

      Had a look last night and it was indeed in HD so certainly is a welcome addition, bit late but welcome. It is dependant on internet connection so at times it can be like netflix and change qualities mid way through.

    But it looks like they are making you use Chrome on the PC and are killing off its windows based program..

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