How To Get A Bigger Penis (Because Size Matters)

How To Get A Bigger Penis (Because Size Matters)
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You have probably wondered at some point; how can I make my penis bigger? There are a lot of different tips and tricks for increasing your penis size – including cosmetic surgery – but these are the four safest methods for increasing the size of your penis either temporarily, or for the long term.

#1 The Cock Ring

Cock rings are miracle workers. Whether you go for cheap and cheerful or a luxury one with all the bells and whistles, these toys have lots of benefits. The idea is that cock rings are nice and stretchy and sit at the base of the penis to slow blood flow out of the shaft. This can lead to a longer-lasting, harder erection and could make your penis larger as well. An added benefit is that if you are someone that carries a bit of extra weight, these help to pull back an excess skin, to help you see the full length of your penis. You will be amazed how effective these are.

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#2 Penis Pumps

While cock rings work to enhance your penis size by keeping blood where you want it, penis pumps actually draw more blood into your penis in the first place. You insert your penis into the pump, create an airtight seal around the base, and then you pump the air out of the inner cavity. This works by drawing the oxygen out of the cylinder, leaving space for your penis to engorge which draws blood into your erection. Using a pump before play can increase your size and sensibility for that session, while regular use can actually lead to long-term girth gains. But it’s like going to the gym: you have to keep at it, or you will revert to your natural size. This can be combined with a cock ring to really ramp up the results.

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#3 Pills or potions

If you are after a bigger, harder erection that lasts longer, you might want to try a pill or potion. For starters, there is the easily accessible little blue pill (looking at you, Viagra), but before taking it, speak to your doctor and make sure that it is right for you. There are lots of natural alternatives as well as creams and lotions, but make sure you do your research and read reviews to make sure you find the best option. Beware of trouser-snake oil. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

The best thing about lotions is that you don’t ingest them and don’t take much time to get to work. They have active ingredients that work to bring more blood flow into your penis; just be sure to check that you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients. Also keep in mind that with things like this, results may vary and if in doubt, see your doctor.

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#4 Penis Extensions

The fourth and final tip to increase your penis size is to use a literal penis extension. This is a sleeve that you wear over your shaft that physically enhances the length and girth. They often feature a ball loop to keep everything in place, which can also enhance the pleasure for the wearer by creating a gentle tugging sensation. Most penis extenders offer an extra 1 inch or 2 inches, so if you know your own size, you’ll know the end result even before you make a purchase. One of the major benefits of a penis extension is that the results are guaranteed, and the inside is often textured for increased pleasure for the wearer. You can also play around with different styles and sizes to test out which shape or texture works for you. Remember: these reduce sensitivity which may be good if you want to go a bit longer, but it not for someone who wants to feel everything.

Next time you find yourself asking, how can I make my penis bigger, give a cock ring, penis pump, pills, potions or a penis extender a go as they are the best ways to safely enhance your erection.

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