Dealhacker: Get Two McDonald’s McClassic Burgers For $6

Anyone up for a down ‘n’ dirty fast food dinner on the cheap tonight? McDonald’s is currently offering two ‘McClassic’ burgers for just $6! Here’s how to get the deal.

No, the McClassic isn’t some fancy new retro burger in a polystyrene box. Rather, it refers to McDonald’s traditional burger range which includes the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, McChicken and Fillet-o-Fish. You can mix-and-match any two of the aforementioned burgers for $6, which works out to around half price.

The only caveat is that two McDonald’s burgers obviously packs in quite a lot of kilojoules. For example, two Quarter Pounders comes in at a hefty 4540kJ. Throw in a soft drink and fries (requested freshly made, of course) and that’s well over half your daily recommended energy intake in one sitting.

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from taking advantage of this deal with a buddy in tow. In addition to a more sensibly sized meal, you’ll only need to spend $3 each. Bargain! To get the deal, you need to order through the MyMacca’s app which you can download here.

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