You Are Allowed To Eat One Cheeseburger On Cheeseburger Day

September 18 is National Cheeseburger Day. That's right; the humble cheese slice and beef patty encased in a bun has its own food holiday. Even if you're on a strict diet, you need to partake in one cheeseburger today. It's the law.

"Cheeseburger Day" might be a stupid, meaningless gimmick — but it's also a perfect excuse to cut loose one day each year. Just remember: a single burger isn't going to hurt you — in fact, it can even be healthier than a store-bought salad. So head to your local burger joint and go nuts!

Once you've got your burger in hand, kick back and enjoy some of our favouroite burger posts, which we've assembled below. It's all here: from the top 10 hamburger joints in Australia to our most fearsome DIY burger creations.

We've divided our menu into four tasty categories: How To, Taste Test, Burger Factoids and Takeaway Truth. Click on the headlines to read the original articles. Bon appetit!

How To:

Turn Burger Patties Into Edible Bowls For The Ultimate Bunless Burger

Turn Burger Patties into Edible Bowls for the Ultimate Bunless Burger

Meet the "beer can burger", a stuffed-with-everything burger that's sure to be a crowd-pleaser at your next BBQ.

How To Make Veggie Burgers That Taste Great And Won't Fall Apart

Make Homemade Veggie Burgers that Taste Great and Won't Fall Apart

Most store-bought veggie burgers are flavourless, rubbery disks. With the right ingredients and a little time, you can make your own delicious veggie burgers that all your party guests (not just the vegetarians) will love.

How To Make Ramen Noodle Burgers At Home

Make Your Own Ramen Noodle Burger Buns at Home

Ramen noodles and burgers are a match made in heaven — especially when you turn ramen into buns. Here's how to roll your own.

How To Scam A McOz-Style Burger From Hungry Jack's For Just $2

'The Aussie' is a somewhat pricey McOz competitor from Hungry Jack's that comes with bacon, egg, beetroot, cheese, onion, tomato, lettuce, mayo and BBQ sauce. Here's a sneaky hack that will land you a similar burger for less than a third of the price.

Get Perfectly Toasted Buns On The Grill With A Wet Rag

Toasted bread elevate your hamburgers to the next level, but when you're cooking on a grill, you can end up with dry, crumbly buns. This trick with a simple wet rag will make sure they get crispy on the outside and stay succulent on the inside.

How To 'Smash' Your Burger For Maximum Flavour

There's something aesthetically pleasing about a perfectly formed hamburger patty; especially when it has those little symmetrical grill marks. However, it turns out that smashing your patty during the cooking process actually imparts more flavour. Check out the video to see how it's done.

Add Iced Water To Burger Patties To Keep Them Moist

Add Ice Water to Burger Patties to Keep Them Moist

We thought we'd come across every burger-making tip out there, from how to pack the patties correctly to how to make steamed burgers. But here's a smart-sounding one we'd never heard of until now: to keep patties extra juicy, add a little iced water to your meat.

Cook The Sides Of A Burger Patty By Adding Water

Cook the Sides of a Burger Patty by Adding Water

When you want a burger patty to be evenly grilled, how do you make sure the sides are perfectly cooked? Celebrity chef Bobby Flay recommends adding a little water to the pan.

How To Make Black Burgers

Burger King's new all-black burger has black buns, cheese, and sauce

You've seen Burger King Japan's black cheese burger. You've seen McDonald's black burger. You may have even read the Kotaku review. Now, learn how to make your own using squid ink and bamboo charcoal. (Warning: If you get squeamish around dead sea creatures, maybe sit this one out.)

Mince Meat For Burgers Without A Mincer

Mincing your own meat is the best way to control what goes into your burgers, and it results in meat patties that are tastier and juicier. The folks at America's Test Kitchen show us how to produce our own meat patties with nothing more than a freezer and a food processor.

Taste Test:

Taste Test: Inside McDonald's 'Create Your Taste' Futuristic Restaurant

The McDonald's we've known for more than half a century is changing. Whether due to shifting market trends or a mid-life identity crisis, the Golden Arches has decided to completely reinvent itself as an upmarket restaurant chain. It's a bold new direction for the company with a focus on premium ingredients, dine-in perks and customer creation via "Build-A-Burger" touch screens. Yesterday, we tested the fancy new service at its maiden store in Castle Hill, NSW. The results exceeded our wildest expectations.

Taste Test: How To Make A KFC Zinger Double Down King Burger

The new Double Down burger is even more ridiculous than the original

The KFC Zinger Double Down King is an "all meat" burger comprising cheese, bacon and a beef patty sandwiched between two KFC breast fillets. Tragically, the Double Down King isn't available in Australia, but don't let that stop you from sampling its colon-clogging delights — as the following taste test demonstrates, it's possible to build your own. The results are spectacular... and probably a bit lethal.

I Took My Wife To McDonald's For Our Wedding Anniversary... And It Was Surprisingly Fancy

In its latest attempt at gentrified reinvention, McDonald's has opened a deluxe "Burger Bar" in Thornleigh, NSW. The launch of this fancy new restaurant happened to coincide with my wedding anniversary — so I did the unthinkable and took my wife on a Macca's run to celebrate. No really.

Taste Test: McDonald's Black & White Burgers

McDonald's serves up some pretty weird menu items in overseas markets. During a recent jaunt to Hong Kong, we tried out the company's black-and-white heibai liangdao tongchi burgers. Read on for our taste test. (Plus tips on how to make your own!)

Taste Test: The McDonald's Bunless Beef Double

McDonald's new "Create Your Taste" menu allows customers to build some pretty unique burgers — including an all-beef take on the KFC Double. Intrigued? Here's how to order one (and what it tastes like.)

Taste Test: KFC 'Supercharged' And 'Chilli Charged' Zinger Burgers

KFC has decided to inject some serious heat into its Zinger burger range. For a limited time, the Original Zinger will be joined by two spicy variations: the Supercharged Zinger and the ultra-hot Chilli Charged Zinger. We just put our taste buds on the line and tried 'em both in one sitting. Read on for our verdict!

Taste Test: McDonald's Home Delivery Service Is Kind Of Awful

There are some things in life that just go hand in hand: peaches and cream, Simon & Garfunkel, jockey shorts and Ryan Gosling. Unfortunately, it would seem McDonald's and home delivery do not make a perfect duo. In fact, the results are pretty horrendous.

Grill'd Mac: I Put Big Mac Sauce On A Grill'd Burger And Created Something Magical

As part of its "Mac It Special" campaign, we were sent a bottle of Big Mac sauce. Rather than preserve it or flog it, I decided to take up the challenge of putting it on just about everything.

Burger Factoids:

The Complete Guide To Eating Fast Food, Guilt-Free

Fast food is hardly health food, but when you're on the road or it's late at night, sometimes it's your only option. These are the menu options to look for that will fill you up without filling you out.

The Ten Tastiest Burger Joints In Australia

There's no room in life for sub par burgers. If your local takeout shop isn't cutting the mustard, you need to upgrade to a tastier establishment immediately. According to TripAdvisor's customer review data, these are the best ten burger places in Australia. (Note: The following descriptions and photos may cause extreme taste-bud torture. You have been warned!)

How McDonald's Australia Will Change Under Its 'Turnaround Plan'

Globally, McDonald's is bleeding customers like a McOz bleeds beetroot juice. US McHeadquarters has just announced plans for a massive corporate restructuring, but how will that impact Macca's down under? Here's what you need to know as a fast food junkie or occasional McMuffin consumer.

The Five Unhealthiest Takeaway Meals In Australia

In recent years, the world's leading fast food franchises have been making a concerted effort to provide healthier eating options to customers. With salad bowls, grilled chicken and low-carb wraps on the menu, the takeaway chains of today look quite different to their '80s predecessors...And yet, there are still plenty of worryingly fat-filled meals on the menu. We trawled through the nutritional info on KFC's, Hungry Jack's and McDonald's websites to bring you the five worst offenders. (If you're watching your weight, these meals are definitely best avoided!)

The Perfect Burger Starts At 200 Grams

The Perfect Burger Starts at 7 Ounces

Fast food chains keeping trying to create bigger burgers. Home burger chefs, on the other hand, need to keep the pre-cooked weight around 200 grams to get the proper level of flavour and juiciness.

10 Fast Food Freaks Of Nature From Around The World

Burger King's new all-black burger has black buns, cheese, and sauce

Last week, we looked at ten of the weirdest menu items from McDonald's international menu. It turns out we barely scratched the surface. Here are ten more extreme takeaway oddities that you can only get overseas — from Burger King's fabled black Kuro Burger to KFC's "Fish Donuts". If you're a fast food fanatic, consider this your bucket list!

The Most Revealing Responses To McDonald's 'Our Food Your Questions' Campaign

A few months ago, McDonald's Australia flung its barn doors wide open and invited customers to grill them on any topic they liked. No question was off-limits, including if any of its burgers have shrunk in size (the answer is yes) and whether free-range eggs and meat are used (the answer is no). Here are 15 of the most revealing — and weirdest — responses from the campaign so far.

Why Nobody Should Buy Hungry Jack's 'Twosdays' Deal, Ever

4700kj. That's the total kilojoule count of Hungry Jack's two-for-one Bacon Deluxe 'Twosdays' offer, which is available on each Tuesday throughout the month — beware the Ides of March.

Annihilate Your Taste-Buds With The 'McEverything' Burger

If you thought our recent "Noah's Ark" burger was pretty hardcore, think again. A blogger in the US has created the 'McEverything' — a mountain-sized artery-clogger consisting of 43 seperate menu items.

This Is Why America Is The Fattest Nation On Earth

According to BMC Public Health data, an average adult in the USA weighs over 80 kilograms. We think this "small" McDonald's cheeseburger meal might have something to do with it...

Takeaway Truth:

Takeaway Truth: Grill'd Crispy Bacon And Cheese Burger

Takeaway Truth is a regular Lifehacker feature where we compare marketing images against what you actually get served. Today: The Grill'd Crispy Bacon And Cheese burger.

Takeaway Truth: Carl's Jr. Jalapeno Thickburger

Takeaway Truth is a regular Lifehacker feature where we compare marketing images against what you actually get served. Today: Carl's Jr. Jalapeno Thickburger. (Plus Taste Test!)

Takeaway Truth: McDonald's Filet-O-Fish Deluxe

Takeaway Truth is an occasional Lifehacker feature where we compare marketing images against what you actually get served. Today: McDonald's Filet-O-Fish Deluxe. (Plus: Taste Test!)

Takeaway Truth: McDonald's Southwest BLT Burger

Takeaway Truth is a regular Lifehacker feature where we compare marketing images against what you actually get served. Today: McDonald's Southwest BLT Burger. (Plus: Taste Test!)

Takeaway Truth: Hungry Jack's Bacon Chicken Crunch Burger

Takeaway Truth is a regular Lifehacker feature where we compare marketing images against what you actually get served. Today: Hungry Jack's Bacon Chicken Crunch. (Plus taste test!)

Takeaway Truth: Hungry Jack's Ultimate Double Whopper And Deluxe Country Burger

When we started the Takeaway Truth series a few months ago, we purposely held off on featuring Hungry Jack's. The reason for this was simple: we knew it was going to be awful and anything that followed was sure to be anti-climactic.

Takeaway Truth: McDonald's McMate Burgers

The "McMates" are a new range of bespoke burgers that were created with the assistance of McDonald's customers via a "Build Our Next Burger" campaign. In short it's the company's first "crowdsourced" burger.

The Results Are In: Here Is Australia's Worst-Looking Burger

Last week, we invited readers to vote for the worst-looking fast food item from Takeaway Truth; an ongoing series where we compare takeaway advertising images to what you actually get served. In all, the poll received over 750 votes with the majority of nominations going to one specific offender.

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