9 Scientific Reasons Reading Makes You Smarter [Infographic]

9 Scientific Reasons Reading Makes You Smarter [Infographic]
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How much do you read? A book a year? A month? A week? A day? It probably won’t surprise long-time bibliophiles to hear this, but reading can make you smarter in a lot of different ways. From emotional intelligence to giving your brain a full on work out, here’s why you should think about picking up a book (or even some poetry) a little more often.

This infographic from Global English Editing breaks down some of the effects reading has on the brain, taken from a number of different studies. So next time you’re wondering whether you should get out your book on the train ride home or just stay on your phone, you know which one to pick.

The graphic notes that different types of reading material can have different effects, too – with more challenging genres like literary fiction and poetry giving even more benefit to your brain. I’ve traditionally been a grinch when it comes to poetry, but maybe I’ll have to check out a sonnet or two sometime soon.

Image: Global English Editing

[Global English Editing]

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