Who Needs Clear And Easily Understandable Parking Signs Anyway?

Finding a parking spot is hard enough as it is without barely intelligible signs that take multiple reads to be sure the spot is legal. That doesn’t stop local councils from putting up a forest of signage that tells you as little helpful information as possible by overwhelming you with all the different restrictions in place.

A picture of a particularly unintelligible parking sign is doing the rounds on social media. Restrictions on school days, different ticketed parking times, exceptions for council vehicles and a typo.

Spot the typo? It’s on the left side: “9:15AM to 2:45AM” and likely should read “9:15AM to 2:45PM” like the right side. Good luck contesting a ticket on those grounds.

Twitter users replied with their own examples of horrendously unhelpful parking signs.

You have to wonder if the council workers involved thought they were constructing their own modern Tower of Babel. It’s an old problem but one that will keep grumbling about until there is a solution.

One solution to this nonsense was trialed in Brisbane in 2015, replacing the text with an easy to read chart. These signs were themselves based on a trial that took place in Los Angeles earlier that year.

The Los Angeles trial was only scheduled for six months and it’s hard to pin down if things progressed further than that, nor how many other cities did similar trials. All we know for sure is that the revamped signs definitely did not get as far as Sydney.

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