What's The Fastest Way To Chill A Can Of Beer?

Video: There's nothing like cracking a cold beer, but what if your six-pack isn't chilled? You've got to find a way to get those brews frosty, lest you face the horror of a lukewarm libation. That's why we're trying a couple of methods to cool your beer quickly.

We gave ourselves 10 minutes to get our cheap beers as cold as we could. First we tried a simple ice bucket, heavily salted to accelerate the melting ice, and then we wrapped a wet paper towel around a can and put it in the freezer for the same amount of time.

It's not shocking that the ice worked, but it was surprising just how tepid the wet paper towel was.


    After 5 or so minutes in the freezer, gently tip the can over and back to mix the liquid inside.

    Freezer mugs. You know, the ones that have a thick wall filled with liquid that you freeze? Icy beer in under 5 minutes.

    If you are chucking them straight in the freezer lay them on their side and chuck a cold pack over them - 15 mins max.

    That said, if you need a beer, the temp won't stop you.

    Just search for "jet engine beer cooler" and be amazed at the lengths one Kiwi bloke went to chill his beer in a hurry!

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