The #1 Burger Topping, According To Lifehacker Readers

The #1 Burger Topping, According To Lifehacker Readers

My favourite thing about writing about food on the internet is all the shouting. Certain foods court it – pizza, eggs, and ribs all have very rabid fans (and, in the case of eggs, haters) with lots of opinions – but burgers seem to be a particularly contentious part of western cuisine.

Photo: Lidye Petit (Unsplash)

When it comes to the hamburger, the toppings are almost as important as the patty, and everyone has their favourites. In a recent poll, we asked you to choose your favourite burger ingredient from the following series of showdowns:


As expected, bacon, cheese, fried eggs, and “another burger/patty” were among the top picks. But what is the One Topping to Rule Them All?


The #1 Burger Topping, According To Lifehacker Readers

We can’t say we’re terribly surprised. After all, the world’s most famous burger is probably the cheeseburger. You can see how the votes broke down for yourself over on Lifehacker’s US Twitter feed.

If you feel we missed one, yell about it in the comments. Burger yelling is the best kind of yelling.


  • Love a bit of chilli con carne on there.

    No love for fried onion? Or sauerkraut?

    And get ye away with pineapple.

    As for yelling, can we please get burger places to stop this silly craze of “brioche” buns. I don’t want buttery, crumby, egg-washy, sweet, fall-apart buns. But I may be in a minority.

    • I’d have thought pineapple would at least have gotten past avocado. Its more traditional than avocado is.

      Was never getting past bacon though. That’s a given.

  • I agree about the brioche, but really a burger is not worth eating unless it has Tomato, Lettuce, Egg, Bacon, Cheese Tomato Sauce and most important Canned Beetroot.

    • If you add pineapple and grilled onion to what you list, that’s a Royal Burger where I grew up. Basically the Everything And The Kitchen Sink Burger…

      The basic burger takes egg and bacon out of your list, and adds grilled onion, which is a standard for most basic burgers I know of.

    • Pretty much as @grunt said add a pineapple ring and grilled onion to @phil71000 s (although i could remove lettuce and tomato and not really care either way) and its perfect.

  • Burger toppings are obviously subjective. Cheese is not. No Cheese? throw it in the bin

    • Thing for me with cheese is that while I prefer it as a default option, I don’t notice when its not there.

      Cheese is subjective as well.

  • Isn’t cheddar cheese the ingredient that separates a burger from cheeseburger? Even Grammarly agrees they are two separate things (corrected my spelling above from ‘cheese burger’).

    This now replaces my ‘apples and oranges’ comparison.

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