Vodafone Just Slashed Its NBN Prices

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Vodafone has launched a shot across the bows of NBN retailers, announcing a slew of discounts to all its NBN plans. The company's three NBN plans have been slashed by at least $10 per month. And there are no limits on usage.

Here's what the new plans will look like.

Plan Old Price New Price
NBN-25 $69 $58
NBN-50 $79 $69
NBN-100 $99 $89

Vodafone customers with an existing postpaid mobile phone plan can take another $10 off making the NBN-50 plan just a buck more than the NBN-25 option. There's no more NBN-12 option, with the company dumping the slowest plan - presumably because more people understand that 12 Mbps is actually pretty crappy unless you still think the 1990s were the good old days.

You'll still need the company's NBN Hub which comes at $5 per month although there's no extra installation fee. That $5 per month fee is really a monthly payment against the $180 cost of the device. And while there's no lock-in contract on the plans, if you bail before the 36 months are up, you'll need to repay the remaining balance. So, if you leave six months early, you'll need to pay out $30.

That undercuts Telstra by a significant margin, as well as many other ISPs by less.

As always, I suggest trying new service providers on the NBN out before entering a long term commitment as the performance difference between different RSPs can be significant.


    Vodafone's actually starting to look pretty attractive to me. Their mobile network seems to be picking up, they seem to be determined to crack NBN and I'm a big fan of the Vodafone TV box I bought for a relative recently.
    I'll head off now and check if I have to use their "NBN Hub" or if I can use my own kit. If I can, they may well get my NBN busines. And if there's deals to be had with switching mobiles then I may as well head back to them for those too. Only concern being that this article suggests a 3 year minimum committment. And that's not my style.

      Yes you can BYO modem.
      The "3 Year" commitment is just to spread out the payment of the $180 NBN Hub nothing to do with the Plan, in which case you hardly notice the device cost. You only have to payout whatever is remaining on the $180 if you happen to disconnect. No plan penalties.

    I wish i had NBN available in my area, but i still have to wait 2 years for it.

    Despite the issues we always hear about slow speeds, it cant be much worse than the 4pm kids are home from school watching netflix slowdowns im getting on iiNet.

    But not for fixed wireless?
    I thought the NBN was meant to fix the Rural/Urban internet divide..

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