Top 10 Productivity Tips I Learned From Sesame Street

Theoretically, Sesame Street is a show all about numbers and letters. Growing up, that’s all I figured it was. It strikes me, however, that it’s actually a show with a lot to say about productivity.

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Don’t believe me? How about the importance of…

Maintaining a sense of perspective on your problems

Some problems are immediate and are best tackled straight away, while others are in the distance and can have a more measured approach, as Grover demonstrates.

Organisation (and cleanliness) is important for productivity

This isn’t just a matter of your own personal productivity, but also the productivity of others. Being cluttered leads to others being cluttered.

Chaos can produce unexpected productivity gains

Sometimes, a little chaos can lead to a lot of serendipity. In the right measure, of course.

If you intelligently re-use your assets, you can make a lot out of a little

I can’t stand Elmo, but that song has got to be the most profitable thing Sesame Street ever did.

Maintain focus on your passions (also, recycle)

You’re much more likely to be truly productive if you believe in what you’re doing with passion.

Work your way around problems rather than jettisoning everything

Elmo as performed by Kevin Clash has been wildly popular (although not with me), but up until Clash took him over, he was something of an also-ran Muppet.

Always keep an eye on your finances

If you can’t afford to do it, you probably shouldn’t do it.

Be precise in your language and listening skills

This is a two-way productivity tip. If you don’t say what you want clearly, you won’t get it, but equally failing to listen can waste a lot of time.

Have a clear goal in mind before you begin

If you don’t have a goal in mind, you may end up somewhere unexpectedly unproductive.

When all else fails, improvise!

A little creativity can get you out of a productivity jam.

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