Google Pixel 3 XL Leaked Images Are Pretty Underwhelming

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You're looking at the latest leaked images of the Google Pixel 3 XL smartphone. As expected, it has an iPhone X-esque notch. But what else can we glean from the images? Let's put our investigative caps on...

Last week, we brought you leaked images of the Samsung Note 9. Now, 2018's other remaining Android flagship - the Pixel 3 - has also been spotted in the wild.

The above images appeared on the XDA Developers forum. They purport to show the XL version with a white finish.

As you can see in the left image, the XL will come packing a single-lens rear-facing camera which might surprise some of you. (The industry has shifted to two- or even three-lens arrangements.) However, as the Pixel 2 still has one of the best cameras in the business, we wouldn't be too worried.

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Once again, the fingerprint sensor resides in the centre of the backplate. The flash is also present and accounted for on the right-hand side of the lens.

The front of the device confirms what we already knew: the Pixel 3 XL's design will incorporate a 'notched display - a highly polarising design made popular by the iPhone X.

It's also a biggun, with the notch appearing to eat deeper into the screen's real estate than the iPhone X. (As a trade off, it's also slightly narrower - but we'd wager depth is more distracting than width when it comes to notches.)

The phone has a bit of a chin too. It's been a while since we've seen a bezel that thick on the base of a flagship smartphone. Another image leaked on XDA reveals a few specs, including 4GB of RAM (4GB) and 64GB of storage.

We've got to say, this is all looking depressingly vanilla at the moment. Assuming these images are genuine, Google will really need to show off some compelling software features that we haven't seen before. Otherwise, we're basically getting Pixel 2 with a notch.

All will be revealed in a few months when Google officially unveils its new smartphones. The date to mark in your calendars is early October.

[Via XDA Developers forum]


    Thankyou for clarifying which phone this is. Gizmodo keeps jumping between calling it the Pixel 3 or the XL variety.

    Here's hoping you can hide the notch like OnePlus let you do. I know they need to add it for developers, but it's such a horrible fad.

    Samsung are still the design kings for me. Small top and bottom with infinity edge...perfect!

    Oh please kindly f off with this whole notch thing. It is ugly as hell. It looked terrible on the Iphone X and looks terrible on here.

    Front facing stereo speakers are great.

    You guys don't seriously believe this shit do you? Simply put, this is fake news. Whether it's google themselves driving a pre-release public opinions expectations low so that the actual pixel 3 wows, or whether this is utter BS leak, it's not what the Pixel 3 is going to look like. There won't be a notch. Believe you me.

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