The KFC Double Is Back! Back! BACK!

The KFC Double Is Back! Back! BACK!
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KFC just brought back the Double burger. Hurrah!

The KFC Double is an infamous chicken “burger” that uses patties for bread buns. It consists of two bacon strips, two cheese slices and a dollop of special sauce sandwiched between two pieces of fried chicken. Here’s the product pitch from KFC’s website:

Your eyes didn’t deceive you — this bunless work of art has Zinger fillets made of 100% Aussie chicken that holds together two pieces of cheese, bacon and supercharged sauce. This offer is not everywhere and not forever.

A single KFC Double packs in 2281kJ of energy, 53.3g of protein, 35.6g of fat, 19.3g of carbohydrates, 3.8g sugars and 2170mg of sodium. That’s actually not too bad when you consider its fearsome reputation. The KFC Zinger Stacker Burger contains 3013 kilojoules, for example.

Since it originally launched in 2011, the Double has been one of the most sought after menu items at KFC – with sad and desperate fast food fans creating their own DIY concoctions. (I’m talking about myself here, just to be clear.)

How To Get A Sneaky 'Double' From KFC

Last month, KFC brought the Double back to Australia due to popular demand. Unfortunately, it was only a limited-edition offering that promptly disappeared from KFC's menu after just four days on sale. If you missed out on snagging the infamous bun-free burger, it's still possible to get your hands on one -- if you're willing to pay a premium.

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  • Anyone ever had this twice? I had one when it originally came out or near enough. I could feel it just sitting in my stomach all afternoon (had it for lunch) and it was still there when I went home. I skipped the after work gym session that day.

  • I had one of these last time and was completely underwhelmed. Maybe you’ve got to have them as soon as they are made.

    I was disappointed. It should have been great in theory but just wasn’t.

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