The International 2018: How To Watch Live, Online And Free

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18 of the best Dota 2 teams from around the globe have made their way to Vancouver to battle it out for their share of the over US$24.5 million ($33.7 million) prize pool. Here's how you can catch all of the action.

What Is The International?

The culmination of a year of esports where teams of five duke it out to destroy each other's ancients in this high stakes tournament. Whether you're trying to find out what this whole Dota thing is about or you've been playing since the Warcraft 3 days, The International has a massive event that you can watch for free.

You can find out more about the teams from Valve's International Lowdown videos.

When Is The International?

Right now. The group stages started August 16 and matches are scheduled from 2AM AEST until early afternoon for the next few days. After the dust settles, the teams will move on to the main event on August 21 with the grand final taking place on August 26.

Watch On Twitch

The easiest way to watch is on, where every game will be broadcast live as they happen.

On the main channel there will be expert panels discussing all of the digital sports action as it rotates through live games. A newcomer's stream during the main event will be there to explain everything you need to know to follow the action.

Watch In Dota 2

Want to take direct control over the camera and see everything going on the battlefield? You can watch every game of The International live or via replay in game with your own copy of Dota 2. Just launch the game, go to the Watch tab, choose The International 2018 and everything is right there at your fingertips. You can choose from a range of camera and language options.

You can even buy a Battle Pass and other treasures to contribute to the prize pool.

Catch Replays

Does The International's schedule not fit your own? Are you a human being that needs to sleep during the wee hours of the morning? That's okay. Every game is uploaded in full to the Dota 2 Youtube page. Replays are also available in game.

Head To A Pubstomp

The International Grand Final is a big event and not everyone can fly to Canada to view it live. The next best thing is to head to the pub and join in some raucous cheering. Barcraft is a site that keep tabs on all of the pubs hosting The International viewing parties.


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