The Best Board Game Adaptations To Play On Your Phone

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Board games are part social experience, part game. Sometimes you just want the game without the social aspect. These mobile adaptations for iOS and Android offer a different way to enjoy some of your favourite board games anywhere, anytime.

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Through The Ages

Build wonders, develop technologies and recruit an army in this civilisation building game that will keep you wanting more. Sound a lot like Civilisation? That's because Through The Ages takes the same concepts and masterfully converts them into a board game with no map to conquer.

The mobile version of Through The Ages includes online multiplayer and AI challenges in what is one of the best mobile adaptations of one of the best board games you can play right now.

Available on iOS and Android.

Galaxy Trucker

Ever feel like a madman racing across the galaxy on a pile of junk? That's exactly what Galaxy Trucker does and you'll laugh as your hastily built ship falls apart along the way. The mobile version has a campaign mode that features tongue in cheek adventures well in tone with the game's disastrous nature.

Available on iOS and Android.

Ticket To Ride

Ticket to Ride is a modern classic where you build your rail empire across the map, collecting points and blocking foes along the way.

Available on iOS and Android.

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Ganz Schön Clever

Roll the dice in Ganz Schön Clever, a new take on the old Yahtzee style gameplay that has you push your luck as you try to make the best use of the dice as they come up.

Available on iOS and Android.


A charming game of building a quilt and collecting buttons. Patchwork is a two-player game that will test your spatial awareness skills with a range of AI opponents. Online and local multiplayer are also available.

Available on iOS and Android.

Sentinels Of The Multiverse

Superheroes and villains duke it out as you use a deck of cards to save the city from near-certain destruction. The mobile version streamlines a lot of the fiddly rules upkeep that can bog down this otherwise exciting game.

Available on iOS and Android.

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A novel deckbuilder about words where you spell out words from your hand of cards in order to buy more letters so you can spell greater words. Satisfying and simple, Paperback is a great game for those looking for the challenging vocabulary test of Scrabble without the territory control maths puzzle that dominates play.

Available on iOS and Android.


Build your own suburban town, being careful to manage the needs of the citizens by including a range of different building tiles and slowly increasing the appeal of your town to avoid overcrowding.

Available on iOS and Android.

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