Taste Test: Red Bull Coconut

Coffee and energy drinks are a staple part of my diet. Despite this, I tend to roll my eyes at special edition flavours of energy drinks. The Coconut Edition Red Bull didn’t seem like something I would enjoy so I bought some to find out for sure.

Red Bull’s website was unsurprisingly unhelpful about telling me more about this drink:

The Red Bull Coconut Edition combines the functionality of Red Bull Energy Drink with a Coconut & Berry taste.

The only thing that tells me that isn’t on the can is that is has the ‘functionality of Red Bull’ which I had assumed, what with it being a Red Bull product. My curiousity was piqued. What is the functionality of Red Bull? Well, according to the Q&A section it’s:

Red Bull Energy Drink’s special formula has been appreciated worldwide by top athletes, students, professionals and travellers on long journeys

Truly unhelpful. Come on, Red Bull, make an effort to sell me on this concoction.

There is 80mg of caffeine and 27g of sugar in a 250mL can, about the same as a normal can of Red Bull.

Enough faffing around, you’re here to know how it tastes.

At first sip there’s a hefty coconut taste that reminds me of Malibu rum followed by a berry flavour that’s not quite cranberry but not quite any other distinct berry either.

The more I drink, the more the balance of flavours shift towards the indistinct berry taste making the coconut taste a lot more tolerable. There’s a hint of the typical Red Bull taste with a little bit of acidity too.

Overall the Red Bull Coconut Edition is pleasant and not overwhelmingly sweet. Neither of which I was expecting when I grabbed it off of the shelf, where I was planning on making terrible jokes about it tasting like tanning oil. It doesn’t and you definitely shouldn’t coat yourself in it.

It’s not a drink I’d recommend to everyone. Coconut is a divisive flavour and if you’re the sort that only tolerates coconut on lamingtons out of tradition, you already know that this isn’t the drink for you.

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