Sticky Tape And Ingenuity Overcome Missing Software

Image: Anthony Caruana

Many of us will have worked in places where installing a piece of software is an exercise in frustration. One Lifehacker reader was faced with just that situation yesterday. They needed to attend a video-conference but the required software wasn’t available on their desktop PC. Rather than give up, our intrepid reader came up with a creative solution involving sticky tape and a smartphone.

Our reader needed to install the Zoom video-conferencing software. But a combination of the company's virtualised desktop environment, locked down workstations and the need to get this happening before the Helpdesk's typical response time meant they needed a plan B. Adding further complexity was that the PC in question lacked a webcam.

Fortunately, the Zoom video-conference software is free and there's an iOS version. After installing the software to their iPhone, our friend needed to set the phone up in a way that made the conference attendees see them face to face and not from some awkward angle.

That challenge was solved with some sticky tape. The smartphone was taped to the top of the user's screen so it was at the right height and angle. That meant our fellow Lifehacker was sitting eye to eye with the other conference attendees.

Problem solved.


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