Putting Relish In A Grilled Cheese Is A Very Good Idea

One of my favourite pieces of food writing is a Reddit post titled “You people make me sick.” What follows after the title is a veritable screed against members of r/GrilledCheese who populate their sandwiches with anything but bread, cheese and butter.

The poster makes a lot of good points, and I thought about each one of them while I was making the sandwich pictured above. Though I felt a little guilty, it did not keep me from enjoying what that Reddit user would most likely deem a “pickle melt”.

For what it’s worth, spreading a layer of pickle relish inside a still-hot grilled cheese sandwich and then closing it back up was not my idea. I read about it in this Cup of Jo post, and was sold by the following description:

The smell conjures up a grilled cheeseburger with a pickle on the side, and the tangy vinegar of the relish helps to balance all that rich, ooey-gooey cheese and butter.

From a flavour perspective, it makes a lot of sense; acid does help cut through rich flavours, keeping your palate from getting saturated, and letting you enjoy even more gooey, melted cheese.

I tested the theory, using dill relish, and I must admit I enjoyed my pickled grilled cheese immensely. The sandwich had a decidedly diner vibe to it, and I really did appreciate the sour, salty note provided by the relish.

It may not be a true “grilled cheese” by everyone’s standards, but it’s a damn good sandwich. (I plan on trying this with chopped cornichons next; I expect it will go well.)

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