Learn A Foreign Language Through Immersion Using TV Shows And Books With This App

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When you're trying to learn a foreign language, there's no better way than being immersed in it. Language immersion, after all, is how most of us learned our first language as kids. When everything around you is written in a particular language, you're probably going to work to figure things out.

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That, to some extent, is the idea behind Flowlingo, an iOS and Android app that helps you learn a new language by growing your favourite websites, watching TV shows and reading books.

If you run into trouble understanding (and you will), the app will help you out with a translation. The idea is you're learning through an immersion of sorts rather than games or a more traditional way.

Image: Flowlingo

Even if you're already learning through another method, it can be a great thing to add into your learning rotation. I'm currently trying to brush up on my French for a trip later this year and there really is nothing better than listening and reading it places like television shows and newspapers to help tie everything together.


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