Huawei Just Launched A 7-Inch Monster Phablet

Huawei Just Launched A 7-Inch Monster Phablet
Image: Huawei

How big is too big when it comes to a smartphone? A few years ago, some people (iPhone users, mainly) would have said anything over four inches. Nowadays, six inches is closer to the mark.

However, Huawei reckons there’s still room in our pockets for one more inch (ooh-er!) Behold the Honor Note 10.

6.95 inches. That’s the official screen size of the newly announced Huawei Honor Note 10. In other words, it boasts the largest AMOLED of any flagship smartphone currently on the market.

To put this into perspective, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 makes do with 6.3 inches. Meanwhile, full-fledged tablets start at eight inches.

That’s… a lot of phone. The word ‘phablet’ has never been more appropriate. (I rescind that comment. The word phablet is never appropriate.)

Apart from its novelty-size screen, the Honor Note 10 has similar specifications to other high-end Androids. It comes with an octa-core Kirin 970 processor, up to 8GB of RAM, a 24MP dual-lens camera and between 64GB and 128GB of storage. A beefy 5000mAh battery will help to keep the XXL display running for longer than ten minutes.

Huawei has yet to confirm a western release for this monster – it’s currently available in China only. However, if the popularity of the iPhone X and Galaxy Note is any indication, everyone wants a big arse phone these days. With any luck, the Honor Note 10 will make its way to Australia in some form. (There are currently three iterations available in China.)

Personally, we think seven inches is probably taking things too far. It’s already nearly impossible to text one-handed on a six-inch smartphone. Plus, all that extra weight and glass would surely cause more damage during an accidental drop. What do you guys think?

[Via Huawei]


    • Xiaomi Mi Max 3 is also fantastic for battery life: 5500 mAH battery.
      It’s also only .05 inches smaller in the screen department, comes with an English version and is actually importable at the moment.
      Battery life on the Mi Max is glorious – whereas battery life on my Galaxy Note 8 is absolutely atrocious in comparison. Close to selling my Note, buying something like a Mi Max and pocketing the money saved.

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