How To Send A Secret Image In Plain Sight

How To Send A Secret Image In Plain Sight

iOS: For reasons ranging from risqué to super-spy, you might occasionally want to send a secret image to somebody. While there are plenty of apps you can use to send disappearing images, Cammeleon is a cool little iOS app that lets you hide images within images.

To keep your secrets hidden, open the app, take a picture, add an optional caption, and hit the right arrow next to the caption box (even if you can’t see it). Then, add a second picture and an optional password, and use the same right arrow to send it wherever it needs to go.

Your recipient receives a photo that looks like the second thing you shot (or imported) at first glance. Here’s where it gets fun. If they open up a version of Cammeleon on their device, they can decrypt the innocent photo you sent along and reveal the real image.

To do this, pull the image up in the app and tap the Send To icon, and then select the “Decrypt” option that shows up with the Cammeleon icon. (If you don’t see the decrypt option, scroll to the end of the top row of the Share Sheet and click the “More” ellipsis, then toggle the on/off switch next to Decrypt in the list.)

Although Cammeleon’s interface isn’t amazing, and some of the buttons don’t quite fit the different screen size of an iPhone X, the app accomplishes its trickery without needing a lot of chrome. It’s free too, making it an excellent addition to your digital (sketchy) toolkit.

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