Make A Double Bread Bowl At Home

Make A Double Bread Bowl At Home

Look. You’re about to make a feeding trough of bread and probably put dip in it, so it’s best you level with yourself. Look at the face on your head in the mirror and say “I’m going to make a double bread bowl now”, to completely free yourself from every last bit of ego.

Step 1: Abandon all hubris (and get some bread)

ImagePhoto: Claire Lower

Next, go to the bakery and buy a fairly large, oblong piece of bread (not a baguette), like a French boule, thicc batard, or loaf of sourdough. Size does matter here and big bread energy isn’t enough; the loaf really does need to be quite large.

Step 2: Make the bowls

ImagePhoto: Claire Lower

Using a sharp, thin blade — not a bread knife, because we aren’t slicing — carve out two 7.5cm holes about 4cm apart. Pull out the bread plugs and eat them or set them aside to eat later.

ImageWhen you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares back. (Photo: Claire Lower)

Pull out more bread until you have two voids big enough to hold the amount of soup and cheesy noodles you would like to put in your body. Use the torn-out bread bits to make croutons by frying them in butter. Take care not to break the wall in between the two bowls for that would be a disaster. (No, it wouldn’t.)

Step 3: Fill the holes

ImageThe macaroni looks like it’s trying to escape. (Photo: Claire Lower)

So, uh, now it’s time to just shove food inside more food. If you’re worrying about the soup soaking through the bread, you can paint the carb chasm with a little room temperature butter (or mayo) to create a hydrophobic layer, or you could lay down some cheese slices I guess. It doesn’t matter. None of this matters.

Ladle hot soup into one side — this baby held a whole can — and spoon macaroni and cheese into the other, then garnish it to try and make it look respectable. Grab two spoons, find a buddy to share your creation with and realise that you’ve never been more alone.


  • Size does matter here and big bread energy isn’t enough; the loaf really does need to be quite large.

    Holy moly big bread energy made me giggle. Well done, sir.

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