Here's Everything Google Is (Probably) Announcing On October 4

Image: @PhoneDesigner via Twitter

For the past few years, Google has unveiled its new flagship hardware at the Made By Google event on October 4. That trend is set to continue in 2018, with a job listing for social media influencers confirming the date. Here's what we can expect to see at Made by Google this year!

As reported by Android Police, Google's native marketing platform Famebit recently invited Canadian social media influencers to produce content about the Pixel 3 smartphone. The advert clearly lists the launch date for the phone:

The Google Pixel phone is launching October 4th, 2018.

The ad also contains the slightly depressing titbit that influencers can earn up to $10,000 for producing a single Pixel 3 video. Here's the full listing:

Image: Android Police

There's no way of knowing whether the Famebit ad was actually created by Google, although most people in the know believe it's authentic. As Android Police notes:

"Google has been consistent with these dates for several years, and the strange specifics in the ad itself add some credibility, implying some poor employee in a Canadian arm of Google's marketing department just didn't pay attention."

Regardless, October 4 is a pretty safe bet – the Google Pixel and the Google Pixel 2 were announced on October 4 2016 and 2017, respectively.

In addition to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, we can also expect to see revamped Pixel Buds to go with the new phones, a next-gen Pixelbook laptop and maybe, just maybe, a Google Pixel smartwatch. All will be revealed in under two months.

[Via Android Police]


    The date could well be correct, but do we really think Google would be so lax as to make the product known right there in the ad? Any firm with a semblance of professionalism would talk *around* the device but not actually name it.

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