Five Board Games That Aren’t For Kids

When you try to find some adult only board games the options available look sparse. You can giggle over the word ‘penis’ in Cards Against Humanity or Codenames: Deep Undercover or you can try some of these great games that are definitely not kid-friendly.

Get your mates together for a board game night and crack a beer over these great games.


Have a Coen brother-esque farce in this series of one-shot role playing games that have you and your friends improvising absurd and obscene characters. A huge range of scenarios are available from failing zoo to 70s nightclubs and everything in between to let you create your own Fargo.

After you create characters and establish relationships between them, you’ll roleplay scenes to craft your own stories of ambitious failure. You won’t have complete control over these scenes. Instead you’re given the choice of determining if something will have a positive or negative effect on your character or you’ll establish a scene and the other players will decide your fate.

If done right, every game will play out as if a cursed monkey’s paw was in charge.

Fiasco is a game where the greatest success you can have is seeing your character fail in the most ridiculous of circumstances.

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Go dungeon crawling in this heavily Dungeons and Dragons inspired game that has you permanently changing the game over 70+ scenarios. The hefty 9.8kg box has a wealth of characters and other treats to unlock as you play through Gloomhaven’s legacy-style campaign.

The unlockable content inside the box only adds to the well designed dungeon crawling game, giving your characters tools to grow and further their adventures. It’s not a gimmick to try and keep your attention but rather a way to build upon an already fantastic experience.

Game of Thrones

Just because our politicians act like schoolchildren doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for children to play this game of political intrigue.

Game of Thrones has you establishing alliances as you vie for control over Westeros. Diplomacy is pivotal to success but betrayal is always a tantalising option. Crush allies and foes alike in this game that will leave you wondering if you can ever trust your friends again.

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Food Chain Magnate

Behind Food Chain Magnate’s kitschy 50s diner aesthetic is a cutthroat world of budget dining. Building a fast food empire requires careful planning and paying close attention to your competition.

You’ll have to use advertising campaigns to convince diners to leave their houses while offering the best prices to sate all of their needs. Plans will have to be adapted as the needs of the town change and you try to suck up every dollar you can.

The competition is tough, a single misstep can leave you trailing behind your opponents who turn their wealth into a greater advantage. Food Chain Magnate is a game that rewards a deliberate temperament and is far more difficult than trying to run a lemonade stand.

Last Will

Your uncle has died. Hooray! Last Will is a worker placement game about squandering your inheritance with reckless abandon. It’s a terrible life lesson and fantastic evening rolled into one.

Buying property with the intent of destroying it with continual parties, paying upfront for dinner reservations you’ll never make and other wastefulness is not only encouraged in Last Will, it’s the only way to win the game.


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