Facebook Suspends 400 Apps, Bans MyPersonality

Facebook Suspends 400 Apps, Bans MyPersonality
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Facebook’s investigation into thousands of apps that had access to large amounts of data has claimed the scalp of myPersonality while over 400 other apps have been suspended.

In a blog post, Facebook announced that there have been over 400 apps suspended as a part of the ongoing investigation into user data access.

The myPersonality app has been banned from Facebook after failing to agree to an audit and for sharing information with researchers and companies with limited protections in place. The app had already been suspended since April as a part of this investigation.

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Approximately 4 million Facebook users accessed the app and will be notified that their data may have been misused.

Concerns surrounding developers and how data has been used has resulted in over 400 apps being suspended from Facebook since their investigation began.

The investigation was announced by Mark Zuckerberg in a post on March 22. The investigation focuses on apps that had access to large amounts of user data prior to changes made to Facebook’s privacy policies in 2014. The post declared that any developers under investigation that don’t agree to an audit will be banned. MyPersonality is the first such app to fall prey to this.

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