Facebook Cuts Off Hundreds Of Thousands Of Data Slurping Apps

Image: iStock and Creative Commons

Facebook continues to fight back against application developers that have bypassed whatever controls they had in place before. Starting from now, any apps that have not been resubmitted for review are being cut off and will lose access to data.

Facebook told developers during the F8 developer conference in May about the move, giving people three months to fix any issues in their apps and resubmit them for review. However, a massive number - "hundreds of thousands of inactive apps that have not submitted for our app review process" according to Facebook - have not done that.

If you're a Facebook developer, you will not lose API access while your app being reviewed, or while Facebook is in the process of reviewing the app, so long as the software complies with its revised policies.

Facebook has recently cut off Crimson Hexagon from access to data that seemed similar to what started the avalanche of anger against the social media giant.

Cambridge Analytica's abuse of Facebook's terms and conditions unleashed a torrent of anger against Facebook which has resulted in congressional hearings in the US and consternation right across the world.

Assuming Facebook's new review process is more robust - and based on what we've seen it couldn't be worse - this is a positive move that will start restoring some trust in the network. But it will take a long time for the company to rehabilitate its shattered reputation.


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