Dealhacker: $5 Movie Week At Palace Cinemas

Dealhacker: $5 Movie Week At Palace Cinemas
Image: Palace Cinemas

From August 9 to August 15, Palace Cinemas is offering theatre-goers discount tickets. Forget $15 or even $10 — for those seven days, you’ll be able to watch movies for $5 a pop.

The week-long deal is to celebrate the “upcoming launch” of Palace’s Rewards Club.

Going from the offer page, it looks like you can cash in as many times as you want, as long as you have $5 to spare.

Note that there are a few caveats. The deal isn’t valid at Kino or Palace Platinum and cinemas in WA and SA are excluded. Also, if you book online, you’ll cop a $1.60 fee per ticket, so best to buy in person.

Otherwise, go ahead and get your fill!

Palace Cinemas $5 Movie Week [Palace Cinemas]


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