Dealhacker: 30 Nuggets With 2 Large Chips For $16 At KFC

Image: KFC

If you're still wondering what to have for lunch, this today-only deal from KFC might be enough to tempt you to the fried side. All you need is the KFC app and $16.

Spotted by user "cray" over at OzBargain, if you use the KFC app to order lunch (or dinner, or second dinner) today (19/8), $15.95 will get you 30 nuggets, two large chips and four dipping sauces.

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As cray mentions, the deal is "not everywhere and not forever" and you won't get anywhere without the app, so don't just rock up expecting a nug avalanche!

KFC (App Users) 30 Nuggets, 2 Large Chips & 4 Sauces for $15.95 (19/08 Only) [OzBargain]


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