Dealhacker: 20% Off Lego At David Jones

Dealhacker: 20% Off Lego At David Jones
Image: Lego

You can never have too much Lego in your life. It’s possible to have too much Lego under your foot but that’s a different matter entirely. So if you’re looking to get your collection started or are looking to expand, David Jones has a great sale on right now.

There’s 20% off of all full-priced Lego at David Jones. The only exclusion to this sale is the Millennium Falcon. Which is a great shame because 20% off of the gargantuan $1,299 price would be an impressive discount.

The discount is applied when you add the item to your cart, so the price on the site is higher than what you’ll pay at checkout. Here are some of our picks from the sale:

Lego Star Wars Tie Fighter, $239.20: It’s no Millennium Falcon but this Tie Fighter is part of the same Ultimate Collector Series and is still quite spiffy.

Duplo Large Playground Brick Box, $47.99: A happy little treehouse set for the little ones.

Lego Batman Movie Joker Manor, $319.20: Wayne Manor made better by the Joker with a rollercoaster around the outside and a bunch of Batman minifigs. One of those minifigs is Disco Batman. What else needs to be said?

Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon Microfighter, $12.79: Disappointed you can’t get the Millennium Falcon on sale? This isn’t the worst consolation prize plus who can say no to a Chewie minifig?

Lego Jurassic World Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit, $55.99: Lego makes a lot of kits with helicopters in them. There are far fewer kits with helicopters, dinosaurs and Chris Pratt.

You can see the full sale at the David Jones website.

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