Cut Frozen Whipped Cream Into Your Favourite Winter Beverage

Video: Freezing unused whipped cream is a great way to store it for later use, but it also allows you to cut it into adorable, fun shapes – perfect for topping warm, rich mugs of cocoa.

I’ll let the incomparable Justin Chapple walk you through the whole process in the video above, but all you’ll need is whipped cream (actually whipped, not the aerosol stuff), a foil-lined sheet pan, and a freezer.

Spread the cream into a 1cm layer on the pan, and freeze for an hour until firm. Remove the pan from the freezer, cut into stars or other shapes using cookie cutters, and place these tasty little shapes into coffee, cocoa, or any other hot beverage you desire.

Frozen Whipped Cream For Hot Chocolate | Food & Wine

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