Level Up Your Vagina With Video Games

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A few months ago, I shoved a freaky contraption up my vagina to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles in a quest for earth-shattering orgasms (for science, of course).

Lying in bed, staring at my ceiling while concentrating on squeezing my pelvic muscles with a giant piece of plastic up my hoo-ha isn't exactly fun so I quickly gave up on it. But Elvie, a discreet toy that gamifies vaginal exercises, does look like a better option.

For some women, having weak pelvic floor muscles comes with a few unpleasant side effects, one of which is the inability to enjoy sex as much. Ageing, child birth, and prolonged inactivity are all causes for weakened muscles down there.

Even if you don't have that problem, bulking up those muscles can make sex even better. You can do exercises to strengthen them but considering most people can barely find time to go to the gym, who has time to do vagina workouts?

Enter Elvie, a reasonably small silicone vaginal insert that can sync with your mobile phone. Judging from the promotional video, the creators of Elvie sees women using the device anywhere. At work, at home or on a date.

It syncs up to an app that has a few minigames that involves clenching and relaxing your vagina muscles. You can set your vajayjay to beat high scores and even do speed challenges (vagina speed runs?) if you're feeling competitive.

Elvie is able to give you feedback on how well you're doing the exercises and - get this - even correct your squeezing technique. Oh, the times we live in!

You can find out more about the Elvie over at the Adult Shop.

The device currently sells for US$299 on the official website - which works out to a hefty AU$405.35. However, you can currently snap it up at the aforementioned toy store for just $294.95. That's over $100 off the RRP!

We'll be looking to review this magical sex gizmo in the future. Watch this space! (No, not that space.)

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