Which Soft Drink Has More Sugar? Coke Vs Red Bull Vs Powerade

Which Soft Drink Has More Sugar? Coke Vs Red Bull Vs Powerade

Soft drinks are regularly cited as one of the top causes of obesity and tooth decay in Australia: yet we still quaff them by the gallon. You know it’s bad for you – you may have even tried to quit – but that highly addictive sugar hit will always have you in its thrall.

This infographic breaks down the sugar content in five popular drinks; from Coke to Powerade. The ranking might actually surprise you. (Who would have thought a certain iced tea would be worse than Red Bull?)

Now, it should be noted that the below infographic was produced by Australian beverage company Nexba to spruik its range of sugar-free products. However, there’s nothing suss about the content: indeed, the same information is readily available on each product’s nutrition label.

Nevertheless, it’s still interesting to see them ranked together like this – we never would have guessed that the now-defunct Pepsi Next contained more sugar than full-strength Red Bull, for example. (Albeit in a lager serving size, but who drinks half a can?)

Check out how each beverage ranked below:

[Via Nexba Beverages]


  • I’m not surprised the Iced Tea is so high. I’ve found a couple of the popular brands have variants as high as 20g per 100ml which is getting pretty ridiculous. That said, there are also brands and flavours that are relatively low, Lipton particularly has a couple about 3.7g/100ml. Funnily enough I actually prefer those low(er) sugar flavours.

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