Weekend Retail Deals: iPhones, Laptops And Macs

Weekend Retail Deals: iPhones, Laptops And Macs
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With winter upon us, some retail therapy might be in order to help fill in the time. If you’re wandering through your local shopping mall this weekend, here are a few bargains that will help to sate your technolust.

If you’re after a new Mac, The Good Guys is offering 10% off the full range of Macs until next Wednesday. That’s an offer that we see at other times with other retailers but if you’re looking this weekend, then this is the place to go. On an iMac, that can be over $300 – enough to buy a decent backup drive or stacks of online storage if you prefer that route for your data protection.

By the way, if you’re near an Apple Store, I’ve had some success getting them to price match offers like this if you ask nicely.

For those after a Windows machine, JB HiFi has a massive range of notebook, 2-in-1 and desktop systems reduced by 15% over the next few days. That covers pretty much every form factor and price point you can think of from the sub-$500 Dell and HP notebooks through to high-end systems.

If you’re after an iPhone on the cheap, Harvey Norman has some stock of the iPhone 6 they’re trying to clear for just $399. Sure, it’s ageing tech now but it’s new stock and if you’re looking to replace a busted handset or something a little less expensive for younger family members, it could be a handy option.

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