Was Amazon Prime Day Any Good?

Was Amazon Prime Day Any Good?
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Australia’s first Amazon Prime Day has come and gone. While there were plenty of great deals over the 36-hour day, some folks were a little underwhelmed by what was on offer. And other retailers joined in and managed to compete on some of the deals so the retailing megabeast didn’t have things all their own way. Was it a success? Or was it a fizzer?

Unsurprisingly, Amazon talked up the event. In fact, they went as far as to say it was their best day in Australia ever.

Amazon Australia Country Manager, Rocco Braeuniger said “We have been humbled by the response from Prime members to Prime Day in Australia, with demand exceeding our expectations, and sales surpassing Boxing Day on the first day”.

That sounds impressive but they don’t actually tell us how big Boxing Day was for them here. And given Amazon Prime only launched in Australia, officially, a few weeks ago, breaking local records isn’t going to be all that hard.

That said, some of the deals were pretty good. I’m still bummed I didn’t move fast enough on the PS4 Pro deal they had. Amazon had the 1TB console with some extra Fornite stuff for just $379 – that’s a price I haven’t been able to spot anywhere else. And their deal on the Nintendo Switch was so good it sold out in under a minute. There were also plenty of electronics going for 30%+ off the RRP.

If we take Amazon’s comments at face value then Amazon Prime Day was a success but I can’t help feeling a little grumpy at retailers in general.

I’m assuming that some of the great deals Amazon offered weren’t made at a loss. I’m guessing that while their margin might be reduced that they still made a few bucks on the cheap PS4, Switch and other items. And that suggests that, perhaps, we are over-paying the rest of the time.

There’s also the question of Amazon’s questionable workplace practices which routinely see personnel not paid for time at work as well as working under some quite harsh conditions such as extreme heat without air-conditioning or limited access to bathrooms. So, those deals we all love do come at a cost – it’s just that we aren’t the ones paying.

Amazon Prime Day did offer up some great bargains but I find myself increasingly questioning whether such events are actually taking us for a ride.


  • I missed the deal I wanted, so the event was a bust for me. Still compared the shady BS of Click Frenzy and the media surrounding it, at least the Amazon sale felt honest.

  • “And that suggests that, perhaps, we are over-paying the rest of the time.”

    No, the company is turning a larger profit. To merely show this in a negative light is right up there with “the government should just print more money”.

    Anthony you are better than this.

  • In my opinion totally a bust. Not a single deal covered one of the many products I would have bought had it been reduced. There was way more deals on products in the US store. I did some checking and many items that had prime day discounts in the US store and were in the AUS store were just there regular Australian inflated price.

  • Compared to the US it was pretty crap. Despite all the buzz when they announced they were coming down under, they’re profiting with some good old ‘Australia tax’ as well (i.e. jacking up prices because they can).

    Fire TV Stick (the old basic model, as they don’t sell the better ones here) was on ‘sale’ for $49 AUD, meanwhile in the US, they were selling the Alexa-enabled model for $20 USD.

  • It was great if you wanted bulk amounts of panty liners and sanitary products, but for most other things it was like the Australia site itself, a big let down, like when discount stores offer a limited amount of loss-leaders to entice people in, a practice that is now illegal.

  • Some things are well priced (disregarding Prime Day sales) on Amazon. On other things though I am seeing some really wonky prices. As in 5 or 6 times the normal cost. That’s of course the Amazon marketplace but still weird.

    Not being able to buy from the US is screwing me. Even with the exchange rate and shipping some things were still very much cheaper than here.

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