Twitter ‘s Clean Up Efforts Are Costing It Big Time

Twitter ‘s Clean Up Efforts Are Costing It Big Time

Twitter has been working hard to clean up their game. Following an account purge, to get rid of fake accounts that have been used to spread misleading links and information, and efforts to remove users that make abusive comments using the comnay’s video broadcasting app, Periscope, the company has taken a beating on the sharemarket.

Twitter’s share price has taken a 20% hit, costing the company about $5b in market capitalisation. That purge is expected to reduce follower numbers on the service by around 6% with Twitter’s finance chief Ned Segal saying there would not be any effect on the number of active users.

As well as that purge, the company is clamping down on abusive commenters who use their Periscope video broadcasting platform.

My gut feeling is that Twitter has been hit on the markets in the shadow of the recent punishment meted out to Facebook and that the treatment they are receiving is part of the general backlash. Twitter is a far simpler service than Facebook because of their limitation of characters. killing of fake accounts and protecting users by banning abusive users seem like positive steps to me.

What do you think?

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