Six Deals You Should Know About In Australia Today

Six Deals You Should Know About In Australia Today
Image: LG

G’day! Here are some cracking online deals for Lifehacker readers, including: 70% off House with free shipping, new Hungry Jack’s vouchers, EB Games manager’s sale, 25% off select eBay stores and more!

1. House sale with free shipping: House is currently having a massive clearance sale that also includes free shipping. There’s no minimum spend and up to 70% off store wide. To get the deal, use the discount code ‘FREESHIP’. Click here!

2. Hungry Jack’s vouchers: You know you want it! Hungry Jack’s has released its latest food vouchers. These ones are good through to October 1. Print off as many as you want! Click here!

3. 25% off eBay: eBay is upping the ante today with 25% off 50 Sellers. The catch is that you have to be an eBay Plus member. (But you can get a free trial just to partake in this deal, if you like.) Click here!

4. EB Games manager specials: EB Games is bunging on a manager’s sale. Consoles, games, playing guides and accessories are all included. Click here!

5. eBay Daily Deals: Another day, another eBay sale. Click here for today’s Daily Deals!

6. 4K TV deals: If you’re paying full price for a 4K TV, you’re a little bit silly. Fortunately for you, we’ve rounded up some of the best online deals for budget, mid-range and high-end TVs. Click here!

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