Six Deals You Need To Know About In Australia Today

Six Deals You Need To Know About In Australia Today
Image: Dell
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G’day! Here are some cracking online deals for Lifehacker readers, including: 15% off Dell 2-in-1 laptops, buy one Amazon Echo get one free, 20% off eBay tech and more!

1. 15% off Dell 2-in-one laptops: JB Hi-Fi currently has 15% off Dell 2-in-one lappies. Prices start at $998. Click here!

2. Google Home for $129: Catch has the full-size Google Home smart speaker for $129. That’s $70 less than what Google currently sells it for. Click here!

3. Free Echo Dot: Amazon is giving away the Echo Dot smart speaker (valued at $79) when you buy the $149 Amazon Echo. Click here!

4. 20% off eBay stores: eBay has once again knocked 20% off a selection of its online stores. This time, participating retailers include Allphones Online, Camerastore Australia, Fishing Online, KG Electronic and Tech Mall. To get the deal, use the discount code ‘PICKITUP’. Click here!

5. eBay Daily Deals: Another day, another eBay sale. Click here for today’s Daily Deals!

6. $48 Steam controller: EB Games is selling the Steam controller for nearly half-price. Normally $90, you can get it for $48 with the discount code ‘PLAYHOUSE’. Click here!


  • It’s really time someone took the sellers on Ebay to task for their dodgy discounting practices. Looking at a Ryzen 2700x the wonderful 20% sale has it listed by a couple places. One of which shows the before discount price at $529 meaning it’s selling at a (decent) price of $423 after the 20% discount. Annoyingly though, last week when their discount was only 10% the pre-discount price was around $470. Meaning they bumped the base price before this sale so the end figure remains roughly the same 🙁

    Now if you look at some of the other sellers they’re listing the same CPU at around $480 with 5% discount taking it to around $455. At least one though is claiming that the retail price is $599 and they’re discounting it 20% even before you apply the 5% ebay discount. Their final price to you: $455.

    However, the actual price in retail shops like Umart or MSY has sat at $469 since the thing was introduced. While I haven’t been monitoring the price hourly or even daily, I have been checking at least once a week and the price has not fluctuated at all as far as I can tell.

    So isn’t it time that Ebay cracked down on these sellers for misleading advertising? There can’t be five different “recommended retail prices” for the same item. And the base price can’t suddenly jump by $50 over last week unless there’s a valid reason.

    • I ignore the daily announcement from LH about an eBay sale. The day LH doesn’t announce an eBay sale I might actually take notice.
      If a real store had a “sale” every day they’d be forced to stop calling it a sale

      • The ACCC agrees with you. It’s literally in black & white that you can’t call it a sale price if it’s the same price all the time. I feel like Ebay and the sellers who use it are shooting themselves in the foot. Maybe they’ll jag a couple sales where people see “sale 20% off” and just buy on impulse. But anyone who’s looked at it more than once has to realise it’s not really a sale. At which point the “sale” type advertising ceases to work.

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