Save Even More On Amazon Prime Day Deals With This eBay Hack 

Save Even More On Amazon Prime Day Deals With This eBay Hack 
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The Amazon Prime Day deals just keep on coming – and there’s still another 24 hours of online bargains to come. However, before you click on that purchase button, you might want to check if the same product is available on eBay. If so, you can score an additional 5% off the sale price in the form of eBay vouchers.

eBay’s Best Price Guarantee is a new price matching program that doesn’t require a special membership. So how does it work? If you buy a new item on eBay but find a lower price on the same item elsewhere within 48 hours, eBay will send you a voucher for the price difference – plus an extra 5 per cent.

Now here’s the interesting bit: The Best Price Guarantee is valid for Amazon Prime Day deals (provided the same product is available on eBay for a higher price.) This means you can score an extra 5% off the huge Amazon Prime Day discounts. This also saves you the trouble of signing up to Amazon Prime.

To get the discount, simply open a customer service online chat window and share the eBay item ID (found on their order confirmation email), along with a link to the identical item on Amazon. (Note: You need to do this within 48 hours of making the eBay purchase.) You will then be emailed an eBay voucher for the price difference, plus 5% of the total.

Granted, an eBay voucher isn’t quite the same thing as money in your bank account – but if you regularly shop at eBay, this is a smart little way to score an even bigger discount on today’s Amazon Prime Day deals. Click here to see some highlights from today’s sale.

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  • Rookie mistake.

    Cashback sites were offering 7.5% back on Amazon, whereas you’d have only gotten 1% from eBay, making it cheaper to stay on Amazon – albeit admittedly the numbers aren’t quite so clear cut since the cashback is on the discounted amount. Still, cashback > store credit.

    • I’m also guessing that you would’ve fallen foul of the T&Cs, which states:

      “both the Eligible Product that was purchased and the identical product on an Approved Retailer’s website are verified by an eBay customer service agent at the time the price-check is conducted as being: new condition, identical by a universal product identifier (e.g. UPC or brand + manufacturer part number), in-stock on the Approved Retailer’s website and available to ship to the buyer’s Australian address;”

      … in which it will fail both the “at the time the price-check is conducted” as well as the “in-stock” parts (especially if the Amazon deal was sold out).

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