Samsung Galaxy Tab S4: Leaked Images And Features

Image: Android Headlines

Samsung's Galaxy Tab S3 has been on the market for about 18 months - that's a long time in tech terms. And while an update has been rumoured for a while, it's only now that we're getting some solid information on what the new Galaxy Tab S4 will look like. Leaked images have come to light so we can now get a better idea of when Samsung's new tablet will hit the stores.

Leaked images, which are renders of the new Galaxy Tab S4 design, were provided to Android Headlines by "a reliable source". Of course, I doubt they'd report an unreliable source.

The renders show that the back of the Galaxy Tab S4 looks a lot like its predecessor with very similar camera placement although some of the logos have been moved. Similarly, power and volume control buttons are in the same place.

Like the iPad Pro which went with slimmer bezels in order to pack in a larger display without making the device larger, Samsung has made some substantial changes to the Galaxy Tab S4. Thinner bezels mean the Samsung logo has been removed from the front with the camera remaining. There's been speculation of an iris scanner coming to the Galaxy Tab S4. If it 's there I cannot spot it but as a render, rather than an actual photo of a device, it might be left out to keep it a secret.

The thinner bezels also mean there's no home button - something Apple has done with the iPhone X and which I spect to be a feature of the next generation of iOS devices given iOS 12 supports the same swipe-up home gesture that was introduced with the latest flagship iPhone. That means it's possible the Galaxy Tab S4 could introduce an under-screen fingerprint scanner, like that on the Vivo X21.

Spec-we, its likely well see incremental improvements in the Galaxy Tab S4 over the S3. That means 4GB of memory, 64GB storage at a mimimum with a 256GB likely, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with Android 8.1 and a 13-megapixel rear camera paired with an 8-megapixel front-facing camera. Samsung DeX support is also likely.

Given these renders look like a close-to-completed product, and that we've been waiting over 18 months for a refresh of the Galaxy Tab, it's a fair bet we'll see this product released reasonably soon. Samsung's release cycle could be influenced by Apple's timing for the next generation of iPhones, which we can expect around September if previous years are any indication. So, I'm thinking October looks like a more likely release date.


    The last rumour I read mentioned not only DEX support, but dual screen DEX support.

    I'm hoping it goes higher than 4GB and an 835 processor. 6GB and 845 would be nice, heck by the time it's releasing maybe the 850 will be ready.

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