Leaked Images: Is This The Next iPhone’s USB-C Fast Charger?

Leaked Images: Is This The Next iPhone’s USB-C Fast Charger?
Image: Chongdiantou.com

A Japanese blog has leaked images of what it purports is the next iPhone’s fast charger. As predicted, it seems the new iPhone models will finally be ditching USB-A – although Apple’s proprietary Lightning port is apparently here to stay for another year at least.

The leaked images above come courtesy of Chongdiantou.com. As you can see, Apple will be retaining the classic rounded look of its chargers but with one major change beneath the hood. According to the accompanying report, the 2018 iPhones will ship with USB-C to Lightning chargers that run at 18w.

In other words, the new phones will still use a Lightning connector – which is good news for existing iPhone users with stacks of cables lying around – but the charger’s port will now adhere to the USB-C standard. This translates to much faster charging.

However, as the tech experts at Tom’s Guide note, the shape and text font of the charger in the above photo are inconsistent with previous leaks. We could therefore be looking at an upcming third-party accessory rather than the Real McCoy.

Nevertheless, it seems probable that Apple’s next iPhone range will finally provide super-fast charging out of the box – a perk that has been a long time coming. You can find out more about what’s coming to Apple iPhone in 2018 here.

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[Via Tom’s Guide]

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