Reminder: Coles Plastic Bag Ban Starts Today

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If you're in the midst of planning a shopping trip to your local Coles, be sure to bring some bags with you! Starting from today, you won't be able to get free ones from the supermarket... but you can pay for reusable ones.

Like Woolworths before it, Coles has decided (with some legislative nudging) to dump single-use plastic bags from all its stores.

In its place, you can pick up reusable ones for 15 cents a pop. Alternatively, you can just bring your own.

Woolworths Just Backflipped On Banning Free Plastic Bags (For A Bit)

Turns out Australians aren't quite ready to live a life without plastic bags just yet. In the wake of Woolworths removing single-use plastic bags entirely from its stores last week, the company has backflipped on that decision.

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Woolies found out the hard way that people take their plastic bag game seriously, after a public backlash forced it to go back on the ban — at least, temporarily.

Rather than learn from Woolworths and ease the transition over a few days, Coles is happy to rip off the plastic bag band-aid — so to speak. Godspeed to everyone working at Coles, I sincerely hope no one takes their misdirected anger out on you.

Coles commits to crush waste and reduce landfill [Coles]


    Woolies/Coles, "We can't give you plastic bags, but we can sell them to you."

    The coles cooler bags are very cheap, and don’t last long.
    Woolies sell a cooler bag that is of much higher quality.

    Give people a month or two and they will get used to it. They did here

    I, like other South Australians, find all this panic over the banning of plastic bags highly amusing. It was introduced here about 10 years ago, and nobody blinks an eye any more - we all remember to bring our green bags with us, or just pay the extra 15c for the reusable plastic bags if we forget.

    It's not that hard, people. Get over yourselves.

    I think getting rid of plastic bags is a good move but replacing them with thicker plastic bags that you then cant reuses as bin liners, lunch bags ect is stupid, I for one an ditching the big two in favor of my local grocery store that are using paper bags, even my local take away has been using paper bags, cardboard burger boxes and containers since they opened, so ditch the plastic all together and stop doing a half arsed job Woolworths and Coles.

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