PSA: This Is Australia’s Unhealthiest Fast Food Burger

PSA: This Is Australia’s Unhealthiest Fast Food Burger
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Hungry Jack’s, we need to talk.

If you still haven’t decided what to eat for dinner tonight, you might be tempted to head down to Hungry Jack’s to take advantage of the latest discount vouchers. If so, we recommend plumping for the Chicken Royale meal or Flame-Grilled Whopper Junior with chips.

But for God’s sake, avoid the Ultimate Double Whopper meal. We mean it.

The Ultimate Double Whopper comprises two flame grilled beef patties, two slices of cheese, a rasher of bacon, hand-cut tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onion, mayo and tomato sauce on a toasted sesame seed bun. It’s basically a Double Whopper with bacon and cheese added.

A standalone Ultimate Double Whopper packs in 4860 kilojoules of energy. That’s 4860kJ. It also contains 75.6g of fat, 56g of carbs 1920mg of sodium and nearly 10g of sugars.

When you add a large fries and Coke to the equation, you’re looking at a total kJ count of 8060. That leaves you with just 560kJ for the rest of the day, including breakfast and lunch. (Based on the daily recommended energy intake for an average adult.)

By contrast, a Whopper contains just 2900kJ of energy. Even the Double Whopper weighs in at almost one thousand kilojoules less than the near-identical Ultimate version. When you look at those numbers, are cheese and bacon really worth the extra calorie hit?

Look, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with an occasional fast food meal (our Taste Test and Takeaway Truth series wouldn’t exist otherwise.) But if you regularly choose the most indulgent option on the menu – in Hungry Jack’s case, by a country mile – you probably need to reassess your life choices.

If the above sentence hits too close to home, here are some slightly healthier options for your consideration. They’re not nearly as bad for you but will still fulfil your cravings for fatty food. You should probably also avoid these burgers from Hungry Jack’s rivals.

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  • I did once request a custom whopper. Angry whopper but they replaced the top and bottom of the bun with 2 kirspy kreme donuts which I supplied. Sweet and spicy tasted amazingly good. Thanks awesome HJ staff.

  • When you look at those numbers, are cheese and bacon really worth the extra calorie hit?

    Why is that even a question?

    Yes. Yes they are.

      • Easy now – some of us have diabetes, and a soft drink that’s almost pure sugar is generally NOT a good choice on the whole!

        (These days, there’s really very little that you can’t have as a diabetic – what with the insulin and so forth that we have available to us, plus balancing carbs with the insulin – but non-diet soft drink is a great way to shoot the blood sugar levels up rapidly. Gotta pick our battles!)

  • I wodner how this compares to the wonder of the Mac & Cheese Double Parmy Burger I’ve been having at Chicken Treat the last couple weeks…

    Two crumbed chicken patties, two slices of cheese, mayo, and mach & cheese balls, all in one burger. It is delicious!!

    Aww it’s still quite a way off :(. 3080kj according to their site.

    • Wait that was the single-decker version!

      The double version I was talking about and sliding into my belly is 4360kj!!

      HJs still wins though

  • This might be true of the nationwide chains, but there are others out there that will laugh at that. In Brisbane there is a chain called Chompers that do a Obsceno Burger which is.
    3 x Patties, 3 x Bacon, 3 x Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Chompers Sauce, Snack Chips… AND you can get them to “donify” the burger by using Krispy Kreme donuts. – oh yeah Bacon milkshakes

    by the way, I am no way shape or form affiliated with them, but their smaller and no less deliciously heart stopping Insano burgers are AWESOME hangover meals.

  • UDW’s are the bomb. Top lunch with post-mix coke. I used to prefer 2x Angry Angus burgers, but they discontinued those. A single Angry Angus was breakfast of choice for me over a couple of years.

    Just in case you’re wondering – No, I’m not fat. I don’t get fat. I can’t explain it.

  • hand-cut tomatoes

    Ow, how artisanal.

    Is it fair to say that if you are concerned with healthy eating you probably shouldn’t be buying fast food in the first place? The burgers at my local fish and chip or kebab joint probably make this look Dr. recommended.

  • In all seriousness… I think most people who go to take-away shops aren’t generally concerned about the nutritional content of the food. They just want something tasty and cheap(ish).

    I’m not expecting to eat healthily when I go to these places – however I do care (at least vaguely) about the quality of the ingredients.

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