Leaked iPhone X Plus Benchmarks Leave All Androids In The Dust

Leaked iPhone X Plus Benchmarks Leave All Androids In The Dust

The battle for supremacy between iOS and Android just took another interesting turn. Geekbench has released benchmark results for a mystery phone thought to be the iPhone X Plus powered by Apple’s A12 chipset. If the results are legit, it seems that the next iPhone’s processing power will trounce all incoming Androids by a considerable margin. This thing is insane.

Geekbench is remaining rather coy on the identity of its latest benchmark recipient. The results are listed under “iPhone 11,2” which is running on iOS 12. As Apple hasn’t even acknowledged the existence of its new iPhones, we can understand Geekbench’s reluctance to go into specifics.

Nevertheless, it’s easy to deduce that the phone behind the test curtain is none other than the 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus. Either that, or its regular sized iPhone X sibling, which is expected to replace the 2017 model later in the year. Here’s how the phone scored in Geekbench’s benchmarks:

Leaked iPhone X Plus Benchmarks Leave All Androids In The DustImage: Geekbench

To reiterate, that’s a single-core score of 4673 and a multi-core score of 10,912 which is very impressive indeed. (In the same tests, the original iPhone X scored 4,055 and 10,375, while Samsung’s Galaxy S9 only managed 3263 and 8900.)

This is presumably thanks to Apple’s A12 processor which will purportedly be the company’s first stab at a 7-nanometer chipset. In real-world terms, this should translate to a faster and more power-efficient phone with a longer battery life.

(You can find out more about what’s thought to be in the new iPhones here.)

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Head to Geekbench to see the full list of benchmark results and phone specifications.

[Via Geekbench]


  • Who cares when it’s still a crippled device that still has no expandable storage, no customization, the same OS that it had 10 years ago, no headphone jack, locked down NFC chip that only apple are allowed up use and still needs iTunes to change a ringtone. This thing can be 1000000 times faster than an android device but it will never be able to do what an android device does because apple have locked it in its apple prison cell. No thanks. I prefer freedom. Isn’t that what our ancestors fought wars for?

    • you’re locked into a mortgage no doubt also, job to pay it off, and taxes… sad that isn’t it? But you’ve got your trusty android device which frees you.. or at least makes you feel free

    • The backup service provide by Apple dwarfs any product on the market, the benefits you get from the Androids pales in the shadow. Apple any day!

    • My Pixel 2 doesn’t have expandable storage, nor does it have a headphone jack, nor do I use it for anything other than I used my old iPhone for. I’d wager that most users wouldn’t really find Android any different.

      Also, same OS for 10 years? Have you ever used iOS? At least if you have a relatively recent Apple device you can get the latest release on time…

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