iPhone And iPad Leaks - Apple To Dump TouchID

Apple looks set to dump TouchID across the entire iOS device range in device updates that are coming later this year. Supply chain leaks and secretly captured pictures of iPhone 9 mockups reveal a future where your face is your passcode.

Japanese supply chain blog Macotakara, as reported by 9to5Mac, says the next generation iPad Pro will be almost completely bereft of a bezel and that the Home button, that has been part of almost every iOS device, other than the iPhone X, since Steve Jobs revealed the original "iPod, phone and internet device", will disappear.

Along with the introduction of FaceID to the iPad Pro, the headphone jack will disappear - I guess Apple thinks we've all gone totally Bluetooth now - and the body of the new iPad Pro will be slightly smaller than the current model. I guess that's good news if you make iPad cases.

The other benefit of the bezel-free display is that the screen can get a little larger. So, it's possible the smaller case could also come bring a larger viewing area.

Along with that, images revealed on Twitter over the weekend show what are purportedly mockups of the new iPhone that's expected to be announced in September.

It looks like we will be getting an iPhone X Plus with the entry level next-gen iPhone only having one rear camera. That tallies up with what we've seen in previous leaks.

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If you're an Apple fan and are looking at updated devices, this is interesting news. When Apple added support for the Apple Pencil to the non-Pro iPad, it removed a major point of difference between the 10.5-inch iPad Pro and the iPad. Suddenly, you could get access to a premium feature, support for Apple Pencil, and save a few hundred bucks in the process. By adding FaceID, they bring what may be perceived as a premium feature to the Pro and a larger screen, further differentiating it from the regular iPad.


    I think its a big leap from "the home button" is going to "no touch id", there are already phones with subscreen fingerprint readers isnt it more likely that will be the direction, as FaceID is not an option for some people (eg indentical twins) i havent enabled face unlock on my nokia 6.1 because i don't trust it enough.

      Apple has put out documents staying facial recognition is far stronger than fingerprints. It would be an almighty about face for them to offer a fingerprint reader in new devices given that they have said FaceID is more secure.

        Why wouldn't you allow multiple methods so people can choose? Oh wait sorry I forgot we're talking about Apple and they're always right. /sarcasm

        I'd much rather a device that allows me to choose password/code, touch and facial recognition (or other biometrics). Or even better, allows me to store and use any of them. "Oh shit the camera died now I can't login to my phone/tablet until it's repaired. Oh wait I can just use my thumbprint!" If the user needs to use the most secure option only then tell them which is strongest but let them make that call about what they use.

        I also dislike the move towards everything blu-tooth. It makes a little more sense on a phone, but on a tablet I'd much rather see additional ports so I can plug in my good old fashioned headphones and USB ports so I can use a memory stick, or hook up my camera or whatever. And while we're at it throw in a HDMI port so I can watch stuff on my big screen and a gigabit ethernet port so I can get full benefit from networks.

          You're describing a laptop. It has every one of those things. Buy a laptop, not a tablet.

            No a laptop has a permanent keyboard and is often (usually) not using a touch screen. I want a decent tablet that I can plug a memory stick into because I have stuff on the memory stick already. And guess what my Canon camera doesn't have wifi so if I want to get it's photos onto the tablet I need to connect it physically.

          FaceID is backed by a passcode. You can choose to forgo FaceID entirely and stick with a passcode/no security if you want.

        I'm rather sceptical that its more secure if you have 2 rather identical looking people, its also easier to refuse a fingerprint to unlock under duress than it is being held upto your face.

        Anyway, since im no longer an iOSer i guess its lucky i don't have to care about apples dictatorial "you get what you get, so shut up and take it" approach.

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