How To Perfect Your Workspace According To A Productivity Expert

Most people spend around 90,000 hours at work during their lifetime. When you remove sleep from the equation, that’s way more time then we spend in our home. It really makes you wonder… why on earth would we waste all this time in a poorly set up workspace?

We spoke with Vanessa Auditore, business coach, personal development specialist and Co Founder of Headspace and SuccessHQ about getting the most out of your workspace and why it’s so important to your productivity and wellbeing.

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“From a purely functional perspective, having the right tools makes a job safer, easier, and more productive,” she says.

“When employees are given the power to choose, or contribute in choosing, the tools that works best for their processes, roles and strengths, you’ll find they’ll actually use it, share it, and get the most out of it, boosting the net effectiveness of your workforce."

With this advice, we headed to Officeworks to update our space for the new financial year.

Your productive self

Your desk should be a reflection of your professional self. Just like your attire, it allows you to express yourself in a way that showcases your ability to show up and be killing it in the workplace.

So, get your workstation in order. A HP Pavilion laptop will hook up beautifully to a curved screen monitor, like the ACER curved screen. It gives you a sleek, professional look, and has the added benefit of better immersion in your task – keeping you focused.

To really get in the zone, you can get a J Burrows wireless keyboard and mouse combo, so your laptop can operate as a secondary screen (also a great productivity booster) and you can type away blissfully.

“Having an organised, well-presented and resourced workspace enhances your reputation and creates a perception of being efficient and effective in how you get the job done, whereby a messy disorganised space can harm your professional or business reputation," Auditore adds.

Perception management

Looking and feeling like a pro can go a long way to boosting your confidence and productivity. Having key resources to hand wherever you are will help keep things stress-free, especially if your business requires you to be out on the road and meeting people.

Need to quickly access files? The USB multi-adaptor will help your laptop adapt to any plug-and-play device – now you’re ready to go and completely on top of your next meeting.

Carrying a Toshiba 3T Canvio Hard Drive with you will set you up for success for those tricky situations where you need a back up plan and can be prepared for any situation.

Look after yourself

“Ensure your personal style is reflected in your office furniture and gadgets if setting up your home office," Auditore recommends. "This way you will feel a connection to your workspace that motivates you to get to work."

You can get your desk organised for maximum productivity through a network of great tech gadgets.

You can also set your favourite playlist (the one that really gets you motivated for a day of hard work) and sync it up through your tablet, your phone or your laptop to your Google Home device. A Samsung Galaxy Tab or Oppo A73 Unlocked Smartphone will connect seamlessly to Google Home.

Your Google home device can be customised to have your own “work mode” – putting your lights at the ideal brightness, your “Get Focused” playlist playing and shut off other apps and distractions. It will really help you feel organised and on top of your workload.

We want to make sure that our workspace shows us at our best – not just to impress the boss, but to make sure we have a happy, productive space to come and work in every day. After all, we spend a lot of time at work.

This start of financial year is the perfect time for a little spring cleaning and getting the ol’ workspace set up to be maximise our time.

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