How To Keep Your Toddler Occupied With Cereal

How To Keep Your Toddler Occupied With Cereal
Photo: Michelle Woo

You need to throw together something for dinner, but your impatient toddler won’t let you. I’ve been there. If only you could give her a project, something that’ll occupy her a good 12-16 minutes. Hey, what’s that you see in your pantry? A box of cereal? Oh, yes. This will do.

Here are a few simple ways to keep your young child busy with a humble box of cereal. Bonus: The activities double as a post-dinner snack.

Get Them Stacking (Pictured Above)

What you’ll need: An apple (a slab of Play-Doh will work, too), dry spaghetti, and some O-shaped cereal.

What to do: Stick dry spaghetti into an apple or a mound of Play-Doh. Have your toddler thread cereal onto the pasta. It’s a great way to practise those fine motor skills.

Make a Digging Station

Photo: Michelle Woo

What you’ll need: A container, an assortment of little cups and scoopers, cereal and, if you’d like, marshmallows, dried berries or other small “treasures”.

What to do: Toss everything into a container. Let your kid dig, scoop and search for treasure.

Create a Pattern

Photo: Michelle Woo

What you’ll need: Paper, a texta and cereal.

What to do: Draw some patterns on a sheet of paper. Have your toddler follow the lines with cereal.

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